The Care and Feeding of Your Immune System

The Care and Feeding of Your Immune System

The Care and Feeding of Your Immune System 150 150 Voci Health Works

Maximize Immunity

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients about how to “boost” their immunity. Googling for answers brings up countless supplements and foods with claims to enhance your natural defenses. While some small studies have shown some effectiveness of things like garlic or turmeric or ginger, strong repeatable evidence isn’t there yet.

So if you enjoy eating those things, go for it, there’s no harm in doing so.  But no supplement is going to give you super-immunity.  What you really want to do is maximize your body’s natural immune response.  And to do so, there are several simple things you can do:

  1. Eat Right – Make sure you’re eating real, whole foods and plenty of vegetables and fruit to fuel your body. (Note that frozen vegetables and fruit are just as good.)
  2. Get Sleep – At least 6 hours a night. And put down the phone well before you get in bed to maximize restfulness.
  3. Lower Stress – Your body is better at fighting unwanted visitors when it’s not taxed battling stress.  Try meditation or even just simple mindful breathing to settle yourself.
  4. Drink in Moderation – Alcohol can alter your gut biome which is one essential part of your immune response.
  5. Mind Your Vitamins – If you’re eating a balanced diet full of plants, you’re likely getting all the vitamins you need.  However, vitamin deficiency is not uncommon given the Standard American Diet. Vitamins like B6, C, D, and E all have a part to play in your immune response.  Check with your doctor and see if a supplement may be in order.

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