Health & Vitality for Teams


What We Hear Every Day

“I’m exhausted and it’s only 10am.”

“I’ll grab a sandwich and eat at my desk.”

“Must have more coffee now.”

“I’ve been staring at this monitor for hours.”

“My back hurts from sitting all day.”

“I never have time to exercise.”

“I get home too late to make dinner.”

“I have no energy!”

What if instead your team had energy that lasted all day, ate and moved for their health, and felt great every day.

gives everyone on your team the skills, expertise, and guidance they need to make health a habit.

Designed for Small Teams

Created to address the wellness needs of small teams with cost-effective programs.

Customized and Responsive

Your team actively participates in the creation and evolution of their program.

Rooted in Science

No fads, gimmicks, or product sales. This is about tested techniques to improve health and vitality.

Increases Team Satisfaction

A happy, healthy team is an engaged and productive team.

Create a Program Perfect for Your Team

Together we’ll select the right components and create your customized program.

All Thrive programs integrate the Voci Health Works approach to nutrition, movement, and mindset to build healthy habits and vitality in every participant.

Group Workshops

Interactive group sessions focused on building knowledge and real skills (Workshop Details)

Personal Coaching

Private sessions to work on goals, get guidance, and create actions that lead to sustainable change

Online Nutrition Coaching

Access to ProCoach, a science-based system based on building healthy behaviors

Vitality Channel

Tips, tools, and health strategies delivered via collaboration tools or email

Challenges & Activities

Fun programs that jumpstart healthy habits and get your team working toward common wellness goals

Kitchen Rethink

Reimagine your team’s kitchen, break room, or snack area as a place to replenish energy and vitality

Get In Touch

Contact Voci Health Works to discuss a custom Thrive program.

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