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Live with Vitality

Live with Vitality

Do you run out of energy long before the day is over? Are you always moving fast but feel sluggish on the inside? Do you rarely have the time or know-how to really eat for your health?

Voci Health Works can help you live a strong, active life where you have the energy everyday to do the things you love.

Health & Vitality Coaching provides the expertise, guidance, and accountability you need to navigate your options and make lasting change. Through better nutrition, improved exercise, a more balanced mindset, and healthier habits you can:

  • have stamina all day to enjoy work, friends, and family.

  • eat better every day so you feel satisfied and energized.

  • have more “me time” to experience life’s adventures.

  • discover effective natural ways to reduce the risk of disease.

Contact us to find out how you can have more vitality and lead a healthier life.

Health & Vitality Programs

Our programs are personalized, results driven, and built on trusted science. Sessions are conducted in person in the Los Angeles area or remotely. Start by scheduling your complimentary Strong Start Consultation where we’ll find the plan that’s right for you.

Strong Starts

Strong Start Consultation

Take the first step toward having the vitality you want. You can begin experiencing a difference in your health and energy today. Meet your Coach and start moving in the healthy direction you’ve always wanted to go. In this complimentary half hour consultation you’ll:

  • Target what you want more of in your life.
  • Discover how healthy habits can get you there.
  • Identify your starting point for developing the health and vitality you want.
New Energy

Fuel for Life

Monthly Program

Unlock your vitality to do the things you love. Get the guidance, motivation and support you need to succeed. Eat better and feel full of life. Get moving to increase your stamina. Lower your stress and calm your mind.

Each month your customized coaching program includes:

  • Private Coaching Sessions – Get the personal guidance you need to succeed
  • Online Progress Tracking – Always know where you are and what you’ve accomplished
  • Text and Email Support – Get motivation and information when you need it most
  • “Energy to Go” Tips – Strategies to amp up your vitality delivered right to your phone

Receive a $50 ClassPass Gift Card when you invest in your health with the Fuel for Life program.*

Total Vitality

Total Vitality

Monthly Program

Get everything you need to develop total vitality in a full-service coaching plan with an emphasis on accountability. Access extra guidance, motivation and support. Enjoy activities targeted toward real-world nutrition. Discover the most effective movement strategies. Learn to use mindfulness to increase productivity and happiness.

Each month your customized coaching program includes:

  • Private Coaching Sessions – Get the personal guidance you need to succeed
  • Power-Up Calls – Extra boosts to accelerate your progress
  • Online Progress Tracking – Always know where you are and what you’ve accomplished
  • Text and Email Support – Get motivation and information when you need it most
  • “Energy to Go” Tips – Strategies to amp up your vitality delivered right to your phone
  • Eating for Energy – Master food decisions in real world situations. Popular activities include:
    • Pantry Makeover – Turn your kitchen into your health hub
    • Savvy Shopping Trip – Win every time you go to the grocery store
    • Hands-On Cooking Lesson – Become your own vitality chef
    • Foodie Field Trip – Eat right when you dine out

Receive a $100 ClassPass Gift Card when you invest in your health with the Total Vitality program.*

Power Session

The Power Session

Get a jumpstart on your health and vitality in a single dynamic, results-focused coaching session. The Power Session also includes pre and post session activities to get you started and keep you going.

  • Pre-Session Health & Vitality Assessment – Real insights into your energy and wellbeing
  • Extended Private Coaching Session – Get started right away on living a more energetic life. In the session you’ll:
    1. Develop your Health & Vitality Vision
    2. Find your Focus, identify your Challenges, unlock your Strengths
    3. Create your Personal Vitality Plan
  • Eating Right Tool Kit – Eat without the guilt
  • Post-Session Power Up Call – To keep you moving forward
Thrive Workshops

Thrive Workshops

In these dynamic, interactive workshops, your group will discover simple strategies for better health and vitality. Strategies they can start using right away. Participants will get the tools and skills they need to become energized eaters, movers, and thinkers. Thrive Workshops are perfect for workplaces, support groups, teams, and social organizations.

Popular workshops include:

  • Have a Healthy Heart and Active Life – By eating and moving for your heart, you can live stronger longer
  • The Care and Feeding of Your Brain – How nutrition, movement, and mindset literally build your brain and give it energy
  • One Fat, Two Fat, Good Fat, Bad Fat – When you know what’s in your food, you can maximize the health  and vitality benefits you get from it.
  • Deflating Inflammation – Imagine what you can do when it doesn’t hurt to move

Workshops can also be paired with our individual programs to create a complete Health & Vitality Program.

Contact us to discuss creating a program perfect for your group.

Find the program that’s right for you. Contact Us

The Voci Method

The Voci Method integrates Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset to help you sustain better health and new energy. Every person is unique. Every journey is different. We help you successfully navigate your journey. That success starts with how we design your personal program:



We walk beside you on your health and vitality journey. In our one-on-one sessions and through all the support in between, we are your partner, providing everything you need to succeed with unconditional positive regard for you and your goals.

Your Body Your Rules

You know yourself better than anyone. So where we go is up to you: the changes you want to make, the energy you want to have, the life you want to live. By focusing on what’s unique about you, you’ll discover all the tools you need to succeed.

Real Foods

No fad diets. No expensive supplements and products. Instead, you’ll enjoy the real, nutritious foods that work best for you to supercharge your individual vitality. Our healthy eating strategies are tested, science-backed, and sustainable.

Active Support

Get the specific motivation, inspiration, and information you need when you need it.  Life’s challenges will undoubtedly throw obstacles in your path. We are here to help you break through those obstacles and actually use them to propel you forward.

On Your Team

Not only do we partner with you, but we can also complement and coordinate with your doctor, trainer, dietician, alternative medicine practitioner or other wellness provider. And with all our programs you get access to our health and wellness referral network.

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Frank's Story

Frank Voci

Frank Voci, MCHC

Master Certified Health Coach
Pn Certified Coach

As a Master Certified Health Coach, I help my clients reach new levels of health and vitality by guiding them through successful, lasting changes. As your coach, I’ll give you the best tools and information, provide the motivation, support, and accountability you need, and guide your exciting journey every step of the way.

I’ve long been a champion for healthy living. I studied Human Biology at Stanford University. I’ve served on the Board of Directors of APLA Health, a non-profit health advocacy and services organization. As a digital media expert I helped the performance experts at EXOS develop online training programs. And I ran my own healthy artisanal catering company for a number of years.

But it was as my brother’s primary caretaker during his battle with brain cancer that I truly learned the power of healthy habits. And it was that experience that made me want to help others live every day with vitality. I trained with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a renown ICHWC accredited health coaching program and Precision Nutrition, a recognized leader in nutrition coaching.

Now I use my training and my experiences to coach people to become their best, most energetic selves. When you partner with me for your health, you’ll be taking a big step on your way to living a long, healthy and happy life.

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