How healthy are you…really?

Hint: It involves more than just what you eat.

Sure food and fitness are a big pieces of the wellness puzzle, but not the whole picture. You probably know that how you feel can affect how you eat. And you may have experienced how connecting with someone can change your entire workout.

When you understand how eating and exercise affect every aspect of your well-being and how every dimension of your life affects your approach to food and fitness, you discover Deep Health. When you can make those connections, you can build healthy practices that last a lifetime.

Connect the dots and discover Deep Health

Transform your short term goals into life-changing results

Deep Health diagram courtesy Precision Nutrition

You may be thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot. How am I going to tackle all of this with a health coach…and do I even want to.” Don’t worry. We’re not going to try to solve the human condition. And health coaching is not psychotherapy.

But together we can find the connections in your life and build healthy practices in nutrition, movement, mindset, and recovery that can improve your entire well-being. In other words, when you build healthy habits YOU have the power to improve your Deep Health for your lifetime.

The Deep Health Coaching Program

Deep Health looks different for everyone

The Voci Health 12-week Deep Health Program is a science-backed approach designed to address your specific needs and develop your personal solutions. Over the course of the program, you’ll discover what real health and well-being mean to you, build meaningful habits that stick, and gain the skills you need to succeed beyond the program.

Week 1
Engage & Discover

We’ll start by laying out your goals and values–a vision of you at your healthiest that we’ll use as your North Star. And we’ll co-create a blueprint to get there.

Weeks 2, 3 & 4
Renew & Re-energize

The biggest barriers to building healthy habits are poor sleep, overwhelming stress and insufficient recovery. So we’ll start there to set you up for success. Depending on where you are, we’ll look at:

  • Science-backed ways to cope with stress
  • Strategies to improve sleep
  • How sleep and stress affect gut health
  • How to boost mental and physical energy
  • Common nutritional stressors
  • and more

Weeks 5, 6 & 7
Nourish & Activate

Next we’ll dive into your daily eating and movement. What you do every day should make you feel vibrant, energized, and thriving. And you should be able to perform and function at your best. So we’ll work on improving your daily habits:

  • How much, when, why, and what you eat
  • Meal prep and planning
  • How you move throughout your day
  • What purposeful exercise works for you
  • How to anchor and chain together behaviors
  • and more

Weeks 8, 9 & 10
Connect & Extend

We’ll take everything you’ve learned and accomplished so far and apply it to all the dimensions of your Deep Health. Depending on which dimensions you decide to focus on, we’ll look at :

  • How to focus on and have a real effect on the things you can control
  • How your healthy habits can improve your connections with others
  • What you can do to make your environment work for your health
  • Where your behaviors match your values and where they don’t
  • and more

Week 11
Assemble & Organize

Now that you know what you need to do for your own health and well-being, we’ll bring it all together in your personal toolkit–a set of actions, habits, and behaviors you can take with you, utilize and build on.

Week 12
Go & Thrive

The last session of the program is really just the beginning of your life long pursuit of Deep Health. Together we’ll develop a roadmap for the next month, year, or decade that keeps you moving forward, so when things get difficult you can succeed.

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